Making is caring.

What if there is a bed that makes breastfeeding or sleeping alongside easier?
It can bring much comfort to mother.
What if there is a baby chair that can convert into adult’s chair?
It can last longer and bring much affinity in one’s life.
What if there are more choices for colors or patterns of furniture?
It can make memories with children even more colorful.
yamatoya cherishes this notion: “more” through making.

Grow together.

We believe small children come the center of the family.
Their little furniture is adorable by just its presence.
Although it is a little one who uses the furniture, it involves the entire family.
yamatoya furniture means family’s one at the same time.

Children always be the center.
Time with children would be hectic but precious.
It forges family bonds even stronger.
That, for yamatoya, is what our craftsmanship is all about.
Yamatoya furniture is for children and for family at the same time.

No “best”, pursue “better”.

To eat, sleep, play and learn.
The development and manufacture of children’s furniture is nothing but
a baby growing into a toddler, a teenager, an adult.
It is also about making life more convenient for the adults surrounding baby.
We don’t stop thinking for realizing better life honing our senses of the times and
devote creating needed products.
yamatoya’s imagination knows no bounds.

The basic idea is very simple.

Let’s make children and their families smile. That is the concept of the product.People, Space, Things. We will develop “Craftsmanship” and “ Value creation” while looking at the total.

It’s not all about things.
Realistic ideas
from the child-rearing scene.

Children’s behaviors and postures vary widely depending on their age. We will identify the ecology of children and the flow of childrearing in more detail and more realistically, and use them as design ideas. Specifications such as height and accuracy. Actions such as sleeping, sitting, walking, eating, playing, and tidying up. We combine various elements from zero base to utilize ideas that are not bound by stereotypes.

Who make products, rather than where to make.

We are proud of our production staff, and confidently consider them as colleagues.
Our products are made in overseas.
We communicate closely with our multiple partner factories holding regard as if they are our own
and build reliable relationship instead of being merely a cut-and-dry buyer-supplier relationship.
Here at yamtoya, we make our products engaging in thorough and in-depth dialogue with them.
This should be true attitudes as a manufacturer: our pride as “makers”.

Our history

The history that began in 1924 when the cabinet store was founded. From 1962, we turned to a specialized manufacturer of childcare furniture. Our job is to “make” before “sell”. The craftsmanship of the craftsmen is inherited. Enriching child-rearing by making traditional and innovative furniture.

Connection with
a consignment factory

Our products are manufactured in various countries such as Indonesia and China. It’s not just about efficiency, it’s about trust. Be sure to visit the production site to make the product you envisioned. We will pour the know-how cultivated by yamatoya.

The true meaning of service is thoughtfulness.

How to choose our products, how to use them, how to maintain them, how to fix them.
In all these scenarios, we will give you clear answers.
Simply answering by book is not our way.
In fact, the way we do may be too flexible.
“Put customer first” is our principle.
It is natural that yamatoya listens to voices of customers and responds faithfully to every need.
Craftmanship is heart of yamatoya.
That is because we care after our furniture handed over.

Contribution to society leads to contribution to the future.

How do we define “contribution”?
Talking about “contribution to society” is not an easy thing to do.
It tends to be taken as a matter-of-course.
yamatoya values dialogue with every people relate to yamatoya such as all our many
stakeholders, repeat customers, those buying our products for the first time,
local moms, dads, children, kindergartens and childcare facilities, suppliers, distributors,
shareholders, employees, etc..
We want to engage in conversation with those to make environment
for child raising better through the action, that is our principle.
We will keep challenging step by step.

Consideration for
materials and environment

We use woods that have been planted in a planned manner in order to contribute to the improvement of environmental destruction as much as possible. For example, we use wood produced from forests that have received forest certification, or specify and purchase rubber woods that will be reused after sap collection.

Relationship with
kindergarten children

Safety is the most important thing. We visit kindergartens and nursery schools to regularly inspect and maintain childcare furniture. We also donate products such as baby cots and book shelves, mainly to local kindergartens and nursery schools, in the hope of contributing to the community and the healthy growth of children.

Local community

The directly managed store “Shop yamatoya ANJO”, it is a place for local communities. We plan events such as seminars for parents and workshops that children can enjoy. The store registration of “Children 110” also contributes to the community.

Working environment

Yamatoya promotes going to work with children. We have set up a “child-rearing room” within the company to support child-rearing with all employees. As a childcare product company, we will take the initiative in practicing both childcare and work support.