It’s simply colorful
Baby is lovely.
The chair should also be lovely.
Comfort and safety obviously.
The colorful baby chair “affel” decorates the dining table.

Six vibrant colors to choose from.

6 color choices for the chair.
6 patterns for the cushion textile.
36 combinations.
Pick your favorite in one fun moment, and the chair will keep watching the growth of the family .
The function for the use until adult.
Share your memory of the first day chair arrived at home.

Support the growth.

The useful dedicated table can be turned back when not in use.
You can remove the table if not needed when the child grows up.

Highlight the memory

Imprint how your baby grows up.
Leave the ordinary days in photo and video.
Eating, smiling, crying…, all of the lovely moments can be enhanced with the chair.


affel chair

  • Harb Green
  • Shell Blue
  • Milky Pink
  • Soft Ravender
  • Cream Yellow
  • Pure Natural
W49.5×D59.2×H81cm(W52.5 cm when installing knob bolts) *1
Seat height
6 levels *2
Product weight
9.5 kg *1
Age Suitability
From 7 months to Adults (Max. 70 kg)
Rubber wood・Polyurethane resin
Assembly Requirements
6 colors
*1 As this is a wooden product, the size and weight may vary.

*2 Adjustable heights: 53.5 – 38.5cm (6 levels)

* When using it as a baby chair, make the seat board the first level.

*Colors and grain may differ from the actual product.