Parental Love Craftsmanship

Small children are the stars of the family.
Love for the children has no limit.
We want to disrupt world’s love for its children in a good way
Yamatoya makes “the family’s furniture”.

yamatoya Concept  

Mom caring babycot.

Easy assemble, compact storing.

Use it for a long time, use it all along.

Always move together with your baby.

Well ventilated, high bed base makes useful.


Let’s have a seat, ever after.

That, is, Colourful!

Chic baby high chair

Fold and compact chair

Stackable fixed type chair

Dining chair from 3 years old

Curved stylish folding chair

Cute designed folding chair


My first own furniture

For kids with a lot of “I can do it!”


Eating, leaning and growing

Commercial use

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