Comfortable into floor living
With the Sukusuku Low Chair Ⅱ, it can cultivate communication between parents
and children through lifestyle-related habits such as eating and playing.
Using the foot board, your children can maintain the correct posture and the soles of feet are attached, so it is stable.
You don’t have to worry about falling from a high place, so it’s safe to do housework.
Even in a home with a low table, the ceiling feels high and there are lots of good things.
It’s a child’s furniture that makes sense.


sukusuku low chair Ⅱ

  • Natural
  • Light Brown
  • Dark Brown
W48×D49×H52cm *1
Adjusting the depth of the seat board
4 positions *2
Adjusting the height of the footrest
3 positions *3
Height from the floor to the top of the table
40cm *1
Product weight
6.5 kg *1
Age Suitability
From 7 months to 5 years old approximately
Rubber wood・Polyurethane resin
Assembly Requirements
3 colors
*1 As this is a wooden product, the size and weight may vary.

*2 Adjustable depths: 17.0 – 26.0cm (4 levels)

*3 Adjustable heights: 9.5 – 3.5cm (3 levels)

*Colors and grain may differ from the actual product.